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Ultimate Flex Polishing Kit - Unboxing!!

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Hey guys!


A little back story as this is my first major purchase. I found out about Adam's polishes last year around this time when I bought my 2004 Mustang GT. I was researching car care products and came across Adam's. I had a look at the forums and fell in love with how amazing everyone's vehicles looked! I knew I was going have to get everything in one shot otherwise I'd keep getting to parts of the car I didn't have the right product for and that just wouldn't do!


Fast forward to this year, finally put in my order... It feels like Christmas day! FedEx showed up this morning with 6 boxes! Enjoy!




Started with the smallest box first: Blaster sidekick!




2nd box had Gallons of car shampoo, waterless wash, detail spray and APC!






3rd box was the one of the buckets full of goodies!






The bottom of this box had a bunch of sprayers too!




Slowly fulling up my dining room table!






The 4th box had the flex and brushes inside!!!






5th box contained the other bucket packed full as well!






Dexter threw in metal polish 1, metal polish 2 and the metal polish towel as a thank you for my order! Thanks Dexter, that was awesome!




Last box had a ton of stuff in it + the two bucket caddies!






Everything out of the boxes and set up... I'm going to need a bigger dining room table!!










Thanks again to Dexter at Adam's Canada for everything, super fast shipping and great packing, everything was perfect!


I have the Adam's rolling detailing seat coming in tomorrow so I will do a unboxing of that as well if you guys are interested!

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Good call starting off with the Ultimate kit. Many folks here wind up with everything anyway, but why mess around? And, like you said, possibly not have an aspect of the vehicle covered? The funny thing is, as complete as that kit is you're really just getting started...:willy:

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