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Earlier this month I had ordered a cart from Jegs with the intention of using it as a detailing cart. Long story short it wasn't ideal at all. The shelves were too shallow and my bottles fell off every time I moved it. I also wanted to store my was buckets on the bottom for easy transport to and from the area I wash vehicles in and my garage, as well as to keep clutter to a minimum while in storage in the garage. The buckets didn't fit on the shelves either.


Long story short, I just ordered the pro detailing cart on Monday and it showed up today. All in all the cart is 100x better suited to detailing duties and I do plan on keeping it. That said, my wash buckets still don't fit on the bottom like pictured on the site.


Have the wash buckets changed? Have the carts changed?

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Gotcha! IMHO, this cart would be ideal if they lowered the middle shelf to fit gallons on bottom and empty wash buckets in the middle, or vise versa. I'd also love another "bottle rack" like it comes with. I understand Adams doesn't make the carts, but perhaps if they do a part enough volume it would be possible!


Last but not least, they should update the photo of the cart so the impression of wash buckets fitting is not given!

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Here's some other member's carts:




One of the members uses a bungee cord to hold the bottles on the side for more room:






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