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Ford Raptor Detailed!


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Finally got around to doing a full detail on my 2013 Raptor.




2-Bucket Wash with Adam's Shampoo and Adam's Buckets with Grit Guards

Brand X Iron Decontamination

Thorough rinse and dry with Adam's GWDT

Adam's All New Clay Bar and Detail Spray with Adam's Single Soft Towel

Adam's Revive Hand Polish with Adam's "Old School Blue" Single Soft Towel

Adam's Quick Sealant with Single Soft Towel

Adam's Brilliant Glaze with Double Soft Towel

Adam's Buttery Wax with Double Soft Towel

Adam's Glass Cleaner with Single Soft Towel on all windows

Adam's SVRT on tires and trim


Pictures: (all photos are unedited except for license plate)










Overall: This is my first time doing a full detail with Adam's. I'm very pleased with the quality of the products and ease of use. Detail took 9 hours, but clearly the results were worth it.

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Thanks guys! Very pleased with how it turned out. Although it rained today, the beads were in full effect (pictures to come) and it will shine up very nicely.


And although I do like the stock Raptor graphics, I plan to add a little touch of my own personality with bed graphics in the future. And eventually the bumpers and fender flares will be wrapped in satin black to match the truck better while still adding a bit of contrast.

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