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"email me when it's back in stock" button--any chance?


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Hi. I'm new to this forum but have perused fairly extensively.


Any chance at some point, assuming logistics comply, we can see an "Email me when it's back in stock" button on the item page when it has run out of supply?


Thanks for all the great work and great products!

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Great idea, but like Nick said, it depends on what the website software allows.  Adam listens to people's comments, so be assured, it will come in some form.  Hopefully Adam works through the product transition faze and has better luck with keeping new products in stock.

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A "ship order complete" option would be nice too.  I placed an order Monday, and when it arrived Wednesday was very disappointed that it was not complete.  There was a note inside saying what was back ordered but no indication as to when I would receive the rest of my order.  When I called to find out what was going on and was told I should have received an email indicating what was back ordered.  This is the second time I've not received an email I was supposed to after placing an order.  


I asked about a "ship order complete" option that I thought maybe I missed and was told that it is something they're working on for the new website.


BTW, the rest of my order was shipped overnight and should arrive today.

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