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I finally gave my truck the love it deserves. A few weeks ago I detailed my wife's Murano and this weekend it was my trucks turn. I had some new products that I haven't used before and needless to say I was blown away by the results. While I was doing my thing I had my oldest some using VRT and In and Out spray on the trim and then I hear "Dad, look at this". Immediately panicked because I didn't that was going to be good. Without me knowing he used VRT on my step bars. I have to say that they came out awesome!! Nice deep dark shine to them. My son can't clean his room but he took the initiative to do that so I was pretty happy.


Overall it was a great morning not only cleaning up my truck but hanging with my son doing guy things. Plus I learned a new purpose for VRT.






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Looks great Rob !!!!!!


Just be careful using vrt on anything you are going to step on, it looks great but it is really slippery


One perk of us all being tall is that we don't use them. LOL. The truck isn't that high where we need them to get in and out of it. The only time I use them is when I wash the truck so I can get to the roof. Good looking out though. Thanks!!
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