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Scratch on taillight



Hello all!


So I have no idea what happened but I have a scratch on my taillight, it looks like someone got too close and pulled a plastic trash can up up against it or something, but no one in my house confesses. Hmm. ????At any rate I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how I should I approach this. I have a PC, orange pad, and correcting polish, but feel that may be too harsh of an approach. Should I pick up some revive and try by hand? Or something else? I'm somewhat new to all of this and don't want to make it any worse.


Yes, I know this is somewhat silly, but I'm super OCD about my trucks and none of my family or friends understand how particular I am about my truck. But I am sure you can all relate! ???????? P.S. I hope this is in the right category.


Thanks for any input!






After a quick bath! ????


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The PC, orange pad, and PCP are perfect for this. Based on the photos, it shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Okay! I'll give this a shot, I just didn't want to make it any worse! I expect with this method it will be pretty easy and quick! Thank you!

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How much do you haul with your truck? My 2014 dually has a few "imperfections" from running down the highway.


Your approach isn't too harsh, in fact you might want to get a microfiber pad for even more cut!

I don't haul much, I have a fifth wheel and love going camping when time permits, but rarely have the time. ????




I do expect some imperfections since it's a daily, but it's only a couple months old! Lol. So this is a bummer!


Awesome, I'll have to pick up a MF pad and get to it!!! Thank you! Man you must spend HOURS on that dually! I love detailing my truck, but it's an all day thing! Lol.

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Beautiful rig you got there! The PC should make short work of it!

Thank you very much!!! And good! I'm all about working smarter instead of harder! Lol.


Next job is to find a good product that spreads and comes off easy on the cap of the trailer. I waxed that thing a month ago, and man, it's a pain in the tail!! Never again. Lol. ????????

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