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Light scratches on new window tint



Had the windows tinted on my 2014 dodge ram laramie a few weeks ago. Used a very well reputable tint shop in ohio and they did a great job, other than 2 vertical light scratch marks on the passenger window near the door molding, probably caused by the squeegee. Is there anyway to fix this with any Adam's products? Haven't called the tint shop about it yet. Hate to take it back to get redone, as u can't see them outside the truck, but it's bugging me

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Take it back and have them fix it.


I went through this same thing and the tint shop admitted that their initial work was garbage and they retinted all the windows which came out better the second time at no charge.

Yeah, think I will make them fix it, as it will bug the crap out of me until it is fixed
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