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Strip Wash Testing.



I did some testing of the New Strip Wash before it hit the site.

First I applied a fresh coat of PS, left it on for a half hour or so before wiping off.

As you can see it beaded up nicely.


Then I added a couple ounces of the Strip Wash to my wash water.

Then I washed the hood that had I previously applied PS.


As you can see the Strip Wash done its intended job. Most of the beads are gone.

BTW I worked in my garage at 70 degrees.

I might add that before I added the additional PS that I already had a good coat of PS and the week before I applied a coat of Quick Sealant to help for bug removal for a road trip.

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Guys if you are trying to strip of fairly fresh PS it may take more than one pass of Strip Wash.

When I did my testing I didn't just go over the hood one quick pass, I went over it a few times before rinsing off.

You wouldn't want a strip wash that strong to easily remove our tough and durable tough and durable PS.

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