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The new guy from Maine


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You better believe it Dustin! The winters here are harsh with all of the calcium chloride they lay on the roads now days. Then the dirt they lay outside the cities... brutal. Car washes are my bf during the winter months for sure. Now that I've come to learn about the Sealant vs. Wax, its sealant all the way for this guy.

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Welcome Ryan.....I started using Adams over a year ago and it's kept the shine on my ride even through a Maine winter no prob!


Only if they could make the winters shorter!!! LOL. Imagine if you would a product that makes your vehicle non stick like they do frying pans!! Winters wouldn't be so bad!!

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Howdy detailing compadre's!! New to the brand and loving the products and the level of customer service. Its nice knowing there are still company's out there that walk the talk. looking forward to some good reading. Cheers!


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