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Anyone use a Fluid Extractor?


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Josh I don't know if you bought your extractor yet, I recieved the Griot's one as a gift, I liked it because it came with all the attachments. It only cost a few dollars more than the one you are looking at. I've used it for brake fluid swap outs, rear differential service, power steering pump fluid exchange. It works great with little to no mess, makes life easier.

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I haven't used that brand, but I did use the Topsider on my Golf R. 




After extraction I jacked up the car and pulled the drain plug. I was only able to coax a few ounces of oil out. The main disadvantage of the topsider is that you can't see through it and it has no measurement markings on it. But if you have a top mounted oil filter extraction is a nice, clean way to do an oil change.


If you hit up youtube you can find plenty of extraction videos with all the different extractors. Just make sure to find one that can hold all your oil. For example, my Pontiac G8 GT held 8.8 quarts of oil, which would have required a larger extractor.

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Thanks for the info everyone, I haven't gotten one yet. This is more a "want" than a need but if I have one I would use it a little bit. For my oil changes I have the quick oil drain valve on 2 of the 3 vehicles.

Hi Josh, tell me more about the quick oil drain valve, is it after market? If it is, where can I get one?

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