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Hello from New Orleans. I'm looking for tips on detailing my red 2016 Camaro ss. I've been using the waterless wash which makes the car look great and I've just received my brilliant glaze and amerciana wax kit. So I'm looking for advice on how to apply this. I've watched the videos but my question is should I just clean with the waterless wash then use the glaze and wax combo? I have no idea what clay is or some of the other terms here. Just don't want to mess the car shine up.


Thanks for any advice ahead of time!

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Welcome, and sweeeet ride!


You can continue with your process until you are not happy with the shine.  Claying the car may mar the finish, so that is your call.  I would recommend adding Rinseless Wash to your regimen.  It is more economical than Waterless Wash, and be used to create a similar product to Waterless Wash.  


If you stay active with the forum you will be tempted to go all in and add a polisher for the ultimate, face melting shine.

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​Welcome to the forums!


:iagree:  with what Michael posted above!  Car looks great, your plan of action will keep it shiny and protected, until you are ready to take it to the next level of luster

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Welcome......If it were me, I would do the baggie test to see if your paint needs clayed.

Put your hand in sandwich baggie run your hand lightly over a your clean paint, this will tell you if you need to clay or not.

Then clay if needed and then apply BG followed by Americana.

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