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This is a bit off the wall, but I'd like to have a magnet for the car that says "Shine by Adam's Polishes" or "protected by Adam's" or something similar.  

Both my wife and I are almost getting tired of answering people when they comment how good our cars look and ask us what we use.  

She was at the store last night after dark but the lights from the grocery store were shining on the car and it was nearly the only one in the lot. Some guy parked his car across from her and  yelled over "Nice car!  How do  you get it so shiny?"  My wife yelled back "Adam's!  It's all Adam's".  Of course he had to go over and ask her about it.  He was impressed enough to write it down. 

Anyhow, having a magnet on the rear of the car might cut down on answering that question every time!!  

And it has to be big enough to be seen and read! 


A real problem, huh?   :lol:  :lol:

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Not where I live.  Nobody bothers anyone here.  People leave their cars running while they run in the store here, or leave their windows down and tops down while they're at the mall.  Everyone sleeps with our windows open in the summer too. 

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Rich your going about this all wrong, just imagine if everyone read your magnet then you wouldn't have anyone to talk too. Just a thought.


:lolsmack:  Anyone who knows me knows I don't talk much unless it's about cars.  My wife, on the other hand, will talk to anyone about anything.   :lol:

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