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When to touch up paint?



I'll eventually have a clear bra applied, but in the meantime, I really want to fix some rock chips/craters  :angry: .


On my daily, assuming these steps in order with a PC 7424XP for #3-5:


1) Strip wash

2) Clay

3) Paint Correcting Polish

4) Paint Finishing Polish

5) Liquid Paint Sealant


Between which steps should I apply touch up paint? And knowing it'll have to dry first, how long should I wait before moving on to the next step?



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I would do it after you clay. The reason I say this and this is just my thought, but after the car is clean I wouldn't want the chance of any products getting inside the chips and not allowing the paint to stick.


Edit because apparently I can't spell!

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Heres my .02 on rock chips -


Unless you never drive your car you are going to get rock chips on the front end - and a clear bra doesn't last forever.


I call them "mileage chips" because as you put the miles on you are bound to get some - having excellently polished paint and defect free is more important to me than worrying about a couple rock chips on the front end, every time I go to wash the car there is a new mark on the bumper, front edge of hood, etc

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