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Winter prep. Liquid sealant, brilliant glaze and Americana.

Enigmatic Soul

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The winters aren't real bad here in Las Vegas. Temps down to the low 30's and sunny and partly cloudy days. Not much rain, but there will be a few days.


My prep is wash, polish where needed to remove swirls, Paint Sealant, (let it cure for 48 hrs.) glaze, and 2 coats of Americana Wax. The results are outstanding and should last 3 months or more.


I had to go to the local BMW dealership to pick up a part and when I came back out, I had 4 people surrounding my car admiring the shine.  :D  One of the salesmen asked me what I used and I told him about Adam's Products. He never heard of them. Well now, Adam's might have a new customer.




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Ahh... the challenges of living in Canada.... some toys get put away for a few months....


Time to maybe think of moving south of the border....


I did in 1997 from Cleveland Ohio.  Much better!  :2thumbs:  :hi:

Really like your photos. Nice job!

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