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8 oz bottles - DIY Project


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I’ve seen this topic of acquiring 8 oz bottles before, but since I’ve been unable to get 8 oz bottles for all the main products I use, I decided to create my own.  The goal of this project is to keep small but useful sizes in my car along with several microfiber towels.  I don't have a specific bag for this yet, but that is the next step.


In starting, my requirements were as follows:

  1. 8 oz capacity
  2. Stable footprint (will not tip easily... found some very thin bottles that I did not like)
  3. Compatible with standard spray nozzle (I have large hands and don’t want a small nozzle)
    1. NOTE:  Bonus is that they would fit Adam’s spray nozzles too.
  4. CHEAP

In my hunt for the right bottle, I never really found anything that fit all my criteria so I started thinking that I could order several of the 8 oz detail spray bottles from Adams and then just relabel them with the products that I wanted.  Well, I think I found a great compromise and I thought I would share it with the rest of the Adams loyalists. 


I found bottles at our local drug store (Walgreens) that are used for Isopropyl Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide (Iso is the clear bottle).  These 8 oz bottles seem to fit my requirements so I bought several to test my idea.


For the labels, I purchased full 8x11 shipping labels to print the labels out on my printer and then laminated them with selfseal sheets I purchased from our local office supply store. 


Below are the pics of the finished products.  I’m not really concerned with the fact that the hydrogen bottles are not clear because they were half the price of the ISO bottles.  I figure that I could tell how much I have left based on the weight of the bottles.


This is what I started with, I soaked the empty bottles in hot water to remove the labels.


post-15452-0-45627200-1487985661.jpg  post-15452-0-73031300-1487985661.jpg


Here are the shipping labels and laminating sheets I used




These are the labels that I printed out and laminated to protect the ink/image. (Note:  The template was created based on the size of the original label on the bottle to ensure I covered the glue residue)




Once I cut out all the labels and applied them to the bottles, this is how they turned out.  Note:  I put the 16 oz Adams bottle next to the new ones for scale purposes.




Here is a picture of one bottle with the spray nozzle that came with the bottle and the other with an Adams spray nozzle (black one) attached.  The seal is perfect and there are no leaks.




In the end, pretty pleased with the results and the sprayer that came with the bottles seem to work well although time will tell regarding the durability.  At first I was somewhat concerned that the bottles could not handle the chemicals, but this is a trial so I will just have to keep an eye on them. 


Hope this helps someone... it was a fun project nonetheless.

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Interesting. I have been working with Dan@Adams on a kit idea directly from them. How much were the 8 oz bottles you found at Walgreens?

At my Walgreens, the ISO was $3.49 and the hydrogen was $1.79. Fortunately I had bottles of both at home so I did not have to waste the contents... but they were still cheaper than any other empty bottle I found.

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