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Chemical Splash Scar Correction



I arrived home after a 2 hour drive, and found what looked like a chemical drip stain on the driver side front fender panel.  I tried a quick hit with detail spray...nothing.  Then spent a sleepless 4 nights until I got back to my garage to fix the problem.


Then went down the "Progressive Aggression Protocol"...


1.  Revive by Hand...Nada

2.  Revive with Swirl Killer...Orange Pad...Nada

3.  Strip washed the area.

4.  Clayed the area

5.  Swirl Killer/Orange Pad/Correcting Polish... Had to go over it 3 times to get all of it gone.  BUT...It's Gone!

6.  SK/White Pad/Finishing Polish

7. SK/Grey Pad/Reapplied Paint Sealer where I hit the fender

8.  SK/Red Pad/Glaze


Outcome...Perfect=Happy Guy


So, the question..What would you have done different?  I really thought I saw a repainted fender in my future.  I'd love to know what anyone thinks was the source of that damage.  The only thing I remember possibly being the source is me running through an "under bridge" puddle when it was dry everywhere else...but I'm guessing.


Macan after polishing Off acid scar

Macan Acid drip



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That looks horrible, my eyes were wide open while reading this. Thank God that came off, that's a nice car.

When I was about to buy my car the owner had is parked under his porch and it had dripped some sort of cement on it and it almost broke the deal but it actually came out

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