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Detailer's Domain - Adam's Polishes Cars & Coffee - Sunday June 25, 2017!

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Gooood afternoon!


I'm sure most saw this in the other thread, but I wanted to post up an official one with event information. Phil from Detailer's Domain and Adam Pitale will be hosting a Cars & Coffee event this Sunday June 25, from 10AM - 1PM at Detailer's Domain!


Please stop by if you're in the area and say hi! Come enjoy clean cars and good food this year at Detailer's Domain - Adam's Polishes Cars & Coffee Event. FREE to attend plus special pricing available at the event on Adam's Polishes products too!


When: 10AM - 1PM

Where: DetailersDomain.com

70 Oak St. Norwood, NJ 07648



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Told the wife to take the kids swimming on Sat. I cleaned the house top to bottom bathroom and all so I could go to cars and coffee!! Wake up with 102 fever!! And I had cash to spend!! So angry right now!


Glad there was a great turn out! Phil is a great host and Adam, well we know he's the best!

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Sorry guys, that's my bad.  I spent most of my time watching Adam demonstrate a few of his products and never thought about taking pictures.  He's a funny guy.  He made me chuckle quite a few times with his quick witted remarks.  My favorite was when he described the GTR they were cleaning up as ......"rougher than a night in jail".  

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