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I ordered the car shampoo last year and love it! So now I'm looking into getting even more from Adam's. I'm looking at getting the foam gun, wash and wax, the new interior detail spray, buttery wax, microfiber applicator pads, and the double soft microfiber towel. What else do I need to make my truck look better then new.


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Hey Logan! Thanks for signing up to the forum and for trying out our products! 


Your truck is already looking great in that picture, but with all of the products you mentioned, you can keep it that way for a long time to come! 


Doing a two bucket wash is a must in my book, and having a good drying towel like our Great White Drying Towel (I would recommend the 2-pack for a truck) or the awesome new Ultra Plush Drying Towel we released a few weeks back - it's pretty amazing at the amount of water it sucks up, and it's very safe on the finish. Both work excellent in combination with our Detail Spray as a drying aid.


I would also recommend our VRT - Vinyl, Rubber, Trim dressing for the black plastics and rubber moldings on the outside, as well as the tonneau cover, if you don't already have a bottle. You can use it on your tires too for a satin look, or I would recommend our Tire Shine for a higher gloss look if that is preferred.


Our H2O Guard & Gloss will add high amounts of gloss on top of the Buttery Wax you already have, and it will be a little more durable for a daily driver that may see a lot of sun exposure. One application of H2O Guard can last up to 2-3 months in some cases!


If the fender liners are plastic, our Undercarriage Spray is a super easy way to keep them nice and dark and looking great, but I don't really recommend it for carpet-lined wheel wells.


Lastly, I would recommend our Tire & Rubber Cleaner for scrubbing down the tires if they ever get very dirty and discolored.


Hope that helps and let us know if you have any questions! -Dan@Adams

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Welcome to the addiction, Logan!


Agreed with everything said above for products to buy. And you should also get everything you find on here: http://www.adamspolishes.com/ (You'll end up getting it all, anyway, so you might as well start accepting it! :))


(Some ;)) kidding aside, I'd third the HGG (applied about every 3-6 washes) and grey boarderless towels, and fourth the VRT. Also, TRC, GC and APC are good stuff to have.

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