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Removing emblem glue!!!



I’ve tried several methods and this one is by far the easiest way to remove that sticky black residue.  Keep the affected area small so your cleanup and/or correction and protection area is also small. 

All I used was carb cleaner and an Adam’s green glass towel (rough side).  It’s as easy as spraying it with the carb cleaner, give it a second to penetrate, and wipe it off.  I did remove a lot of the puffy part of the glue so all that was left was the hardest and thin layer of glue.  I chucked the towel afterwards but I’m sure with some time you could clean the glue out of it, or use it for something else.  


Post removal I used Adam’s correcting polish, finishing polish by machine, then by hand, sealant, Americana, then finally bugged by hand with Ceramic boost.  

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1 hour ago, shane@detailedreflections said:

Tar and adhesive remover and a plastic razor blade works very well too. 


I'll second that method. Goo Gone sells the Sticker Lifter kit that I’ve had success with. Same concept of the plastic blade


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