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Trying to think out my process while I’m waiting on products. 


So so my plan is brilliant glaze, then Americana. (Would it be worth it to top with buttery wax?) 


After that alternating h2o gg every 3-4 washes and spray wax the rest of the time for my drying aid. Then coating wheels with CB


Thoughts or suggestions are welcome, or feel free to leave your favorite combo. 

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No.  Buttery Wax on top of Americana would not be worth it.  Americana is a better quality wax than Buttery.


After a month you may want to top it with Buttery if your Americana has thinned out but the H20gg should keep that from happening.


And using Clay Bar on your wheels will not coat them.  It will just clean them.  You'll need the Ceramic Wheel Coating to do that.  Or just use H20gg on them.  Works great.


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If I understood, also intermixing/alternating G&G and spray wax is not ideal. Sealants go with sealants, waxes with waxes, silicas play well with other silicas, and so on. No offense, but make sure you’re not trying too hard.  Keep it simple. Obviously no harm (and lots of fun) in experimenting to see what you personally like best, but don’t get carried away with multiple layers and such.  There is certainly a point of diminishing returns and too many stacked or mismatched products can achieve the opposite effect of what you were after, and irroneously leave you thinking that’s product wasn’t any good. Can actually leave you with a cloudy, or less than ideal surface.  Just some things to think about. 

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A recommendation as you are learning the products is to keep it simple as @galaxy noted and keep track of what you applied to the vehicle and when.  It took me about 6 months and multiple Red vehicles to get a pattern that I liked and held up well in South Carolina.  I still experiment and try different things according to what Red vehicle I'm dealing with and I just recently got the Ceramic wax to put on the Mustang that was repainted - yes the Mustang is Red also.  


The article @falcaineer is a good read and should and one that I refer back to on a regular basis.   Enjoy your detailing and don't hesitate to ask questions, there are many very helpful people on the forum.

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