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Waterless Wash Towels


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Hello all,

 I really like the Waterless wash Towels. I think they do a wonderful job and really keep the dirt away from your paint. They are a very nice size and depending on how dirty your vehicle is you can get a few uses out of them before they need to be washed. I have a Dodge Durango R/T which I keep spotless as much as possible and when I first ordered the Waterless wash I also got 2 towels. Well I use to use just Micro Fiber towels which work just fine but the Adams Waterless towels I feel do a much better job. I really like them and I plan on buying many more.


Thanks guys keep up the great work.

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The WW is great and having the WW MF towels is ideal.  I keep both in my travel kit since it makes for a very easy cleanup regardless of where you are at.   When I need a new supply, I purchase the gallon kit that comes with a bottle and two WW MF towels.  I recently put another kit during the 20% off sale and with the kit already being on sale, it was a very good deal. 


I try to not to use the towels more than once to ensure that I'm putting any dirt on the car that wasn't already there.  As for the wax portion, I tried the Spray Wax yesterday after doing a WW and was shocked at how nice the wife's Malibu came out.  I put a picture in the What did you wash today thread.  In most cases my vehicles are kept pretty clean, so the spray wax or any other topper isn't needed.  

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