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Hey guys!


Brand new to the whole detail thing.  I recently purchased a 19 Camry XSE and looking to keep it sharp.  I’ve already invested in a SunTek full front end clear bra and a Silver + Ceramic Pro coating.  As this will be my daily driver I wanted the added protection and added benefits of the Ceramic Coating.


Ideally I will be looking into maintaining the Ceramic Coating with the best products/maintenance wash process, as well as the interior.


My current Adams Collection includes:

Iron Remover

Under Carriage Spray

Tire & Rubber Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

Eco All Purpose

Glass Cleaner

Interior Detailer

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Odor Neutralizer

Detail Spray

Ceramic Boost

Leather Conditioner

Brilliant Glaze


Car Shampoo

Strip Wash

Glass Sealant

Glass Boost

Tire Armor

In & Out Spray


I am looking into Tire Shine and Waterless Wash as well.


Anyways, I’ve enjoyed reading through the wealth of knowledge on this forum and wanted to join the community.  

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