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product application help



Hello - Thanks to the AP customer service for helping me through different application steps. I thought I would ask this in the forum since it is a bit lengthly.


 I have just purchased a 2 year old Cadillac ATS. the paint appears very good. no apparent swirls to speak of.


I have Adams products buttery wax and H2oGG. I have just placed another order which includes LPS. and a foam gun. I have decided not to go the Ceramic route after considering it.


My idea of how to take care of my car is:


Start with the foam gun and shampoo. After drying apply LPS by hand and buff. Top with buttery wax.


Wash only several times a month.. fill in between with spray detailer.


Each month, boost the LPS application with H2oGG topped with buttery wax.


Every 6 months apply LPS topped with buttery wax.


Any suggestions or changes would be welcome.  Is there any real advantage to laying down the LPS or buttery wax with a machine like the swirl killer or porter cable?


Should I strip the products every so often and if so with what?


Thank you





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Products should be layered most durable first and in decreasing order. For what you have, PS, HGG, and finally BW. The HGG is an acrylic resin polymer sealant and will give you much longer lasting than the BW. You should also apply it every 3-4 washes for optimal protection (and shine!). After you first apply the PS, I recommend you apply HGG first, then BW only if you want to. The BW can be used as a topper, but don't expect much protection or longevity from it.


Using a polisher with grey pad for PS and/or red pad for BW will help get a thin, more even coat than by hand, but either can be done by hand.


Here's a great article as you get started:



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Start with a clay first.  Cadillacs have a pretty hard clear coat, and it doesn't take a lot to make it shine.  But the first best step before any good detail is to clay the paint first to remove any wax or products already on the car.   Give it a good wash.  Then I apply One Step machine polish and polish it up good, If you don't use polish, you won't be correcting the paint.  Get some Revive if you don't have a machine for polishing.  Polishing is really the best next step, so I recommend you order some Revive.  Then apply the LPS and boost it with the HGG.  Like Falcaineer said, you won't get much longevity out of the Buttery Wax. Your choice. 

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I want to thank you all very much and I will take the advice. I would like to get a machine. Should I go with the porter cable or go the extra bucks for the swirl killer kit?


Thanks again

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