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Looking for some advice on polishing an aluminum diamond plate toolbox.



Hello everyone, my dad has a Weatherguard Aluminum diamond plate tool box that has been sitting outside for probably 12 years. It’s in good shape other than it’s been out in the sun and the elements (snow, rain, ect.) for all that time. It looks like it has some oxidation on it. He wants to polish it up and have it looking like brand new. I was gonna go ahead and do it for him, but I’m not sure what to use on it. I’m not sure if I should got with a mother’s powerball and some metal polish or something else. I have a swirl killer 15mm, swirl killer mini, and porter cable various Adams pads and polishes if that helps, but I’d rather not chew up my good Adams pads on the diamond plate if I can help it. Thanks in advance! 

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Hey, Joe. I wasn't sure so I asked the guys at the Shine Stop at Adam's HQ. They gave a couple options... Metal Polish #1 and 2 with a Microfiber pad, and/or Metal Polish #2 with a blue foam pad.


Hope that helps. Be sure to take some before and after pics of your work!

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