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Corvettes of Apollo


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Not sure if people have noticed the link above the picture.  I wish it were more noticeable.  That corvette apparently is on display in Washington DC and belonged to Alan Bean who was the fourth man to walk on the moon.  He was also an amazing artist.  I have two of his prints that he did.  His paintings go for a ton of money.  I have been lucky enough to have met Alan Bean and Al Worden who the article is about.  Al Worden was command module pilot on Apollo 15.  Alan Bean was lunar module pilot on Apollo 12.  

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Yep.  I read the story.  I was fascinated by the astronauts when I was a kid.  Still am  i guess.


I didn't realize they only got to use the vettes for a year. I'll bet a few of them purchased them when the year was up.


Great story.  Thanks for sharing.


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Got to see the C8 up close and personal at the hotel in Carlisle last month.  It's an incredible vehicle inside and out.  And what Corvette has in the works in the next few years is going to blow everyone's minds.  Horsepower junkies like me are saving every penny we can now.  





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They really hit all the marks on this one.  Leg room,  two trunks, performance, handling, looks, just plain everything.  I'm not into buying first year cars,  but somewhere down the road I'd like to have one.  Convertible comes out on Wednesday, and there are pics of the still camo'd hybrid mule. The rear engine will handle the back wheels, while the two motors for the hybrid will power the front wheels which will make it all wheel drive.  Just keeps getting better.

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