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Gray paint sealer.

Volvos rock


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The website claims that it sets up in 3-5 minutes.  I usually make my way around the car and wait a few minutes and then start removing it in the order you applied.  If I'm doing a wax topcoat, I'll go for it right after sealant removal.

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On 12/9/2019 at 8:31 AM, Volvos rock said:

Finally used up my stash of grey machine sealer that required 24 hour cure in between that and wax. Looking at the new bottle, no cure time is mentioned, so my question is:


can I machine seal it and go right to Americana?



My process is very similar to @red94chev but I let the vehicle sit for about an hour after I have removed it, usually over lunch,  before applying the wax.  I have found that by giving it about an hour, any spots I have missed are more easily seen and corrected.   The missed spots are pretty easy to find with a double-soft wipe down.   I found the towel into quarters and give over the vehicle.  It should glide easily, but if you missed a spot either during application or removal, the towel will still a little, letting you look it and it and taking the appropriate corrective action.

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