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Used Tire Armor/Ceramic boost for the 1st Time

SS LeadFoot


Just got new winter tires and decided to clean them and put tire armor on them before winter. I had the rims off so I gave them a quick clean and then applied ceramic boost (they are not ceramic coated).


1st I would like to say I know I applied a lot of Tire Armor. After I did the first tire the spray nozzle broke and I had to use a regular one. this made it harder to use. I also used the wrong applicator but it worked just fine. I don't have any really good sots of the tires/rims before they were put on the car because it was raining the day I got them on. The tire armor is amazing! I applied 1 heavy coat and I love they way it looks. I don't like the high gloss look so this was perfect for me. It has been about a month of rain and snow and they still look amazing.  


First pic is cleaning the tires. Side note I do not recommend cleaning tires off the rim. Water builds up inside the tire and is a pain to get out.

2nd pic is a night shot of the finished product. It was still wet so it looks a lot darker.

3rd pic is once they were on the car.

4th is about 2 weeks after install and in the rain. Can't believe how well the ceramic boost worked!

5ht pic was after the first wash. Just a quick hose down, nothing special.


Only thing I will say is that it doesn't bead the water up.



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