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Hello from NE PA

Tired Arms

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Hello All,


New to the forum. I live in Northeast PA. I have made several purchases the past 6 months or so, 21mm MB, 15mm Mini MB, TOMB, folding cart MB and an order of MF towels and a couple of chems. I didn't take any pics of my MB's since I just found this forum a couple of days ago. I can tell you that they were all really good MB's! I haven't had a chance to use all the products yet but the ones I have I really like so far. I am trying to use up some of my older stuff rather than throwing it out but living in NE PA it is rare to have nice weather DEC-MAR so washing the cars outside is not feasible very often. Will be looking through the site for info, thanks to all who post their experiences they really do help the know nothings like me. 


Tired Arms (from working on the cars, maintenance and washing, lol)


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Welcome to the forum!  I'm on the opposite end of the state close to Pittsburgh, so I feel your pain about Dec - March detailing!  Plus I have  a black Equinox.  Talk about a pain in the arse.  Anyway, we're glad to have you join us. :welcomebanner:

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Welcome, Tired Arms!
As a Chicagoan, I can appreciate what you are saying!  My winter routine includes a touchless car wash down the road from me and a whole lot Adam's Waterless Wash with the Adam's Blue Microfiber Waterless Wash Towels to finish cleaning any remaining spray from the road or drips from the car wash once I get home.  Just my two cents...  Hope it helps!

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