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Hey guys. New to Adams. Going to give the products a whirl. Bought a few mystery items and got a nice haul. Used to detail cars In Bowling Green, Ky before major shows, Z06 fest and Camaro fest, etc. now mainly handle my own stable. Always looking forward to detailing tips and a good forum community. 

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Welcome, savage99ss!  Don't know if you've had a chance to try out the Adam's products you've picked up yet, but I'm betting you will be pleased!  In any case, please report back on your thoughts on Adam's products once you do.

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Nice Stable with plenty of ponies under the hood. I see one real vehicle and multiple others.  


With the Camaro SS (real vehicle) being white, H20 Guard and Gloss does a fantastic job.  HGG really makes the white pop and then before a show or cruise, go over it with Brilliant Glaze and you along with everyone else will be saying Wow.  The top is where it gets a little tricky as there are too many different materials used.  I have had vehicles that Adam's Leather Conditioner did the best job, others that came out the best with RaggTopp and others with 303 and the only way to know is with the test spot.  The good news is that Adam's Ceramic Spray coating will go over any of them and make the top look great and make the water run off it for a long time.


It's hard to tell exactly what the interior is on the Camaro, but it resembles leather looking through the windshield.  I know the Denali has leather, the same as my wife's Denali and the Adam's Leather Conditioner does a fantastic job on it.  A little goes a long way and if you also have the heated and cooled seats with the perforations, you'll want to keep it thin and I usually go over them twice about a couple hours apart.  Leather Conditioner can be used on the entire dash, excluding the chrome and instrument panel and the door panels.


You can also use the H20 Guard and Gloss on the camper and it will do a fantastic job, especially with the black streaks that always come off the roof.  The other thing that works well on the camper is the Regular Spray Wax.   Based on the picture, I'm guessing that you are able to store the camper inside for the winter.  If that is the case, you are probably doing a good cleaning job in the spring and if you use HGG as drying agent, it should last you to mid summer.  The next thorough wash would be in the fall before you put it away and again use the HGG as a drying agent and you are set for winter.  You can use the regular Spray Wax in lieu of the HGG on the Camper if you choose, both are great products.

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