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How do I clean car wash cloths



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1 hour ago, ebrowne said:

How do I clean car wash cloths and microfiber cloths

Just add few ounces of microfiber revitalizer into wash using warm water.  Some prefer to air dry only, i throw them

in dryer for few mins then let them

air dry.    
 If the towels are really dirty you can pre-soak them in warm water with a few ounces of Apc. 
 Also recommend that u Dont wash MF with clothing or other towels. 

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Biggest thing to remember are the two DON'TS.  DON'T ever use powder soap, and DON'T ever use fabric softener or softener sheets. 

I separate my MF's and then the dirty ones I'll soak in MFR (Microfiber Revitalizer), then wash with Tide Clear liquid soap.  I put mine in the dryer, have for years and years, and never had any issues.  I just use low or no heat.  

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On 3/1/2020 at 12:04 AM, falcaineer said:


Or save the search and click on the link above?! :)

There are other rag companies whose names we won’t mention out of respect for Adams forum rules that have posted threads and videos of proper MF care.  Always good to have extra info and opinions 😁

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