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Adam's Recent Detailing Clinic in Torrance, CA!

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Well, Adam swung for the cheap seats and knocked it over the big green monster! :bow:


What can I say? Adam put on a classic clinic that left me stunned! Once he gave the folks a tour of the place and told them about how Adam's Polishes was founded, he went at a black truck and worked his magic. If you live anywhere in the Orange County/L.A. area and missed this opportunity to see Adam work his polishes in person, then you are cheating yourself of some serious knowledge and some serious deals. People were bum rushing the register trying to buy up everything in the warehouse. I saw a box full of PC-7424's sitting in the warehouse the day before and wondered why they had so many (since they normally don't stock a boatload of those). By the time I left on Saturday, there were two left and people were still in line to buy stuff.




Needless to say, this was a success. The Corvette that I am using is setup for road course racing and that is what the owner, Roy Tsugawa uses it for. It is no garage queen and let me tell you it shows. The engine looked like it was raced across the Mojave desert non-stop for 9 years. I meant to take a picture of it so that I could do a before and after shot but while I was fixing another customer's car, Adam saw the opportunity to demonstrate the proper cleaning technique of an engine. The next time I saw it, I was at a loss for words. I showed it to Roy tonight and he was so tickled that he brought his wife out to look at it. It looks as if it was pulled out of te car, washed and then reinstalled. Here's an after shot:




The picture does not do it justice because you didn't get to see the before ahot and this is my girlfriend's camera (mine is at home broke). But man, Adam really knocked this one out the park. Here's a couple of shots of him with the crowd hanging on his every word:






There had to be 50-70 people crammed into the warehouse trying to hear and see everything that Adam was doing and saying. Quite the joker himself, there was not a wondering eye or mind as he went through what could easily be called a stand-up comedy detailing class. People would pay to be taught and entertained like this. Again if you missed this, you truly did yourself a disservice. Hopefully, there will be more in the immediate future. Those who were there can attest to the bounty of good information that was passed along. Hopefully, they will chime in.


I got to meet a bunch of forum members, answer a bunch of questions and show a forum member who was having no luck with his Adam's supplies the way to shine city. His black Infinity looked as if he had neglected it when that was really not the case. After giving him some hands on training, I hope to see a new thread soon with him showing off his new shine. I know he's a happy camper right now.


Adam also unveiled a new addition to the Adam's line in the name of an applicator for the new Americana Wax. For those of you who were there, you got to see it (a must have item I have to say). For those of you who missed it, well... you'll get to see it one day. :D


While at the warehouse, I picked up this hot little number. This is the Ashley-1990H (1990 for the year she was conceived and H for hottie!). She answers the phone, answers your email, mans the chat lines and does just about everything else that no one else can do. The only problem is, Adam only had one and its all mine! Anyone get close and I'll take you out with my PC!






Eat your heart out boys! I'll see you at the next detail clinic! :D:D:D:thumbsup:

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Hey Junkman I couldn't agree more about Adam, the products and the clinics. I had the great pleasure of meeting him at dinner in PA last month. I had the even greater pleasure of getting to talk to him that night one on one, but the best was to watch him do his magic in front of everyone at a clinic. You did a great job writing this review of the clinic. I especially loved the ending. We are all wondering how long it will take for that smile to wear off of your face!

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Junkman, I have looked over most if not all of your video's on detailing!! I am a little disappointed that you did not have a video of the warehouse detailing!
















Just busting chops because you get all the ladies!!:D

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Thank you for posting the pictures! It was great to finally meet you face to face! You were an AWESOME help!


To everyone who joined us, THANK YOU! We had a lot of fun!


By the way, I wish I was still 19!


Thanks Ashley, we had a blast. Can't wait to do it again. :2thumbs:

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