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way2evil in the house


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just found this place good to be here:rockon:

i have used most other stuff but always come back to Adams. just to easy and you get the best results plus the videos are a great help.

i will post up some pics of the ride soon.

Adam and his crew waxed the vette at carlisle a few years ago just before the tornado came thru;)

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We had actually left to go back to the hotel when it hit. We were staying in Scotland, about 25 miles from Carlisle and it didn't even rain there. When we left the fairgrounds that day, it was 103*. No surprise that there was such a big blow up with that kind of heat. Glad you were okay.

Lance promised no more storms like that this year. :D

Did you see the cool giveaway car this year? I may have to stick around on Sunday just to see if I win! :banana::banana::banana:

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That is one baaaaad looking vette... I might be only slightly biased towards the color combo :D


I see some GO-GO juice hardware in there... what size shot you running??

i have some motor work dyno at 597 to the wheels then there is a 150 shot if need be:thumbsup:

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Hey I've seen your car on unique whips. I had a feeling it was you when I saw the name. But anyway welcome the the forum!
thats the car and thanks


Welcome, and your car is beautiful!


Also, this is a very cool animated evil dude:3D_emoticon_190.gif



thanks Adam.

you help keeping it looking good:thumbsup:

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