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Sorry to disappoint you... :D But I was thinking let's see some pics of your cars and trucks before they get the Adam's love... here's my Vette after an 880 mile drive from Maryland to Florida. Hit some good rain for about 200 miles, and the wheels were caked with brake dust. One of my winter projects is going to be to take the wheels off and really get the summer's hard usage cleaned off of her... wheels, wheel wells, engine, etc. :cheers:



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Yea, I saw your before-and-after pics of that -- great work. I bet your detailing work raised the value of that thing!

Well only for a short while I just did $800 in damage to my interior when I thought I could repaint some faded parts. After the paint remover I used warped the plastic it was off to Ford for new parts. :loser:

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LoL, we dog hunt so I have to be able to get where I want to go in the woods....:burnout:



I thought hunting dogs was illegal?:lol:



OOPS, forgot the pic.....





after: (the white spots are rock chips:mad: It's a daily driver)


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