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Devil winds in the desert.

Memphis Senior


When I got back to Calif from Tenn, this is what I found. My neighbor told me just a few weeks

after I left there was a not to uncommon windstorm with winds in excess of 60 MPH.

The wind tore the cover I had put on my truck right off. This is what my truck looked like

after spending almost 6 months unprotected and exposed to the elements in the desert.

My 89 y.o neighbor tried to help by putting the cover back on over the filthy truck.

When the wind tore it off 2 more times. She gave up and just left it uncovered.

It washed right off, but I ruined a clay bar trying to get the imbedded grit cleaned off

just the tonneau cover.




These are the before and after shots of the mirror and door handle.

I used APC to clean them, then VRT to give them that really black matt finish.

I think they look good.




Here are some pics of the cleaned up dash and drivers door.

Sorry I didn't think to take any before shots.





These last 2 photos are the before of the drivers seat and carpet. I don't have any after

shots yet because I haven't done them yet. It's been unusually warm for Oct. here since

I got home. We have had triple digit temps since I arriver almost 2 weeks ago. We hit 109 last Friday.

So my cleaning has been limited to a hr or so, early in the morning, if I wake up early enough. :jester:

At this rate it will take me a month to get my baby back to where she was when I left in April.:(




Stay tuned everyone.

Lots and lots more photos to come as the cleanup progresses.:pc:

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Looks like the mirrors were sandblasted. Hopefully if you have to go away for that long again, you'll be able to rent a garage, or invest in a better cover that ties down. Keep us posted. :cheers:


I go away for 6 months every year Rich. I'm a "snow-bird.":):banana::)


The cover that was on it, was a $300+ (when I purchased it.) cover from Cal Car cover Co.

Admittedly it was 3 or 4 years old and I forgot to use the single tie down.

The wind just ripped it to shreds. When I replace it, think I'll ask Cal to put 3 tie downs on it.

One under each bumper and one under the middle. Same thing happened to my room

mates motor home about 4-5 years ago. Wind destroyed a $500 cover that was well tied down.

When you have winds of 40-50-60 MPH for days on end, there's not much you can do.

Renting a garage out here would be prohibitively expensive.

My room mate paid $125 a month for his covered outdoor parking space.

Sort of like a big carport for RV's, that was 5 years ago.:eek::eek::eek:

If this was a show truck with a $10K paint job, I would consider it.

But this is just a DD that I like to keep looking nice.


Maybe next year I'll just take it to Tenn with me.

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putting a cover on a vehicle parked out side in high winds will wreck havic(sp?) on a paint job. i would try and get a tough shed or something to keep it in.





I live in a senior mobile home park when I'm in so. Calif. So a shed is out of the question. Not permitted.

Also as I stated earlier renting and "indoor" garage around here would prohibitively expensive.

Probably on the order of $150 month or more. That would be something like $1K a year, or more.

I could get the truck repainted every 2-3 years for that. :mad:


So my choices are. Cover it and hope for the best. Or take it back to Tenn with me every year.

I'm thinking seriously about option #2.

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Just for the record, we've had winds in excess of 40 MPH for the last 3 days.


On the good side, temps have been in the 90's. :bow::banana:


I work in Fontana and we are getting those same winds right now. Glad I have a company truck to drive. As much as I like driving the G8 I'm glad I don't have to risk a sand blasting.

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