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New "blue" Revive on the website!



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I think I'll take Adam's word on it :thumbsup:


You don't mess with a product that is already great :rockon::rockon::rockon:



From: Bill [mailto:wgmarq@mac.com]

Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 3:22 PM

To: Adam Pitale


Was there any change to Revive other than the color ?






Nope, just the color. Maybe a scent change, but it’s the same sauce my friend.. . . .




Adam Pitale


Founder/ President






303-718-9480 / Cell

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Right on Bob, I had a blast too... great getting to hang out with you again, we really need to get together more often... you forgot to mention the owner of the Porsche was LEGALLY BLIND!! :willy:


But yea, he had backed his car out in the morning and caught the mirror on the edge of the garage... couple of minutes with some SHR and Revive, it was like it never happened... then we treated his mirror to some Americana, cleaned his glass and sent him on his way happy as could be :hi:




Yes... Revive is now blue... AND IMPROVED!! I have a test bottle I'm playing with and really like it.


The color changes are to correspond to the applicators, SHR will be orange: applied by the orange pad on the PC or the new orange hand pads.


Revive is blue, since its primarily a hand use product the color corresponds to the new blue hand pads.


FMP stays white as its most commonly used with... you guessed it... the white pad. Don't you love the simplicity!!


Oh... and the hand applicators are awesome, should be available soon!!




This was the information that I read on New Adam's Video thread. Blame Dylan :jester:

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