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First time using the PC on my moms truck

NightMare Silverado


So I started early this morning on my moms 2002 GMC Sierra(8 AM) so after washing and DS I took a before pic. The entire car was this bad or worse in some places.




So after clay and my first pass with SHR and the orange pad it looked like this.




WAY better but I wasn't happy with it yet so I make another pass around the whole car and really slow down my movement of the polisher and put down a nice coat of Americana... Americana is the most BA wax Ive ever seen by the way :) and the paint now looks like this:glasses:



and I know I didn't get a before pic of the whole truck but here she is after 5 hours of hard work.



All in all I feel im ready to do the charger now and after I do my own car I'll start doinf a few for $

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