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I think Jeff is going green on us


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I think jeff is going green on us... (possibly suffered a head trauma)


Yesterday he is at my house and he shows up in his 2.0L Vdub while he has a beasty muscle car sitting at home in his garage.


Then we take the z06 out for a ride and he starts in about how I am drinking gas and depleting the ozone..


Then my electricity goes out and Jeff begins to question how he will charge his electric car if this happens again...


Im worried!! and I think Jeff may have been working on his Chally and bumped his head !! or maybe at work one day while running some CAT5 cables


the other day he sends me an email titled : OMG DROOL !


I open in a hurry thinking its a ZR1 vette or maybe a GT500 or Lambo


and I see this :




To be completely honest.... I FEAR FOR HIM ! :help:





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They say if someone loses their way, a good rap on the head can bring them back around.

Try it..............and let us know how it works out. :D:D

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lol I am obviously just kidding around...jeff is one of my best friends .. I was just a little bored and messing with photoshop and was putting the text function in !


I figured so much but I figured I would go along with it.

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