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  1. I thought Boost was meant to be used over a vehicle that had already been ceramic coated?
  2. What would be the Adams equivalent? Ceramic spray coating or CS3? I got some leno's radiant for free, and kind of liked it.
  3. I was thinking about getting a bidders pass this year. There are a few cars I might be interested in.
  4. Will Adams be at Barret Jackson in Ct again this year? I'm going, and looking forward to seeing them.
  5. Just ordered my fun field for Corvettes @ Carlisle yesterday. :)
  6. It would be nice if Adams had a Regional Forums Section. Get to know some local people using the products & have ability to check out new products people are using. Dave
  7. Thanks for the video Jim. I actually hate the old G&G, It just always seemed to streak and need to be gone over with a microfiber and detail spray. I actually used it today with the 60* day after I washed my truck. But really do want to try the new one and the spray wax :)
  8. It would be nice if Adams had local sections of the forums. Not just for trading.
  9. let me know. Depending on the date I would be in.
  10. I want the one with the Corvette on it.
  11. thanks, There are some things in there I probably will never use.
  12. https://www.wtnh.com/news/connecticut/new-haven/annual-corvette-show-held-in-guilford-for-the-26th-year/1290418939 My car was in the news for a Corvette show. Took 2nd Place Modified corvettes.
  13. I had the same issue with my Corvette. I bought some interior detailer at eh Barrett Jackson show at Mohegan sun. I tried it for the first time last weekend. It left bad white streaks. I cleaned the dash, then used leather conditioner. I may try it on my truck or GF's Jeep, but don't really like doing anything twice, so...……….
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