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OCTOBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

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Okay, so it's not the whole car, and not as crisp as some of the other pics... and certainly not exactly a "back road" shot... but... Laguna Seca Raceway is back in the hills of Monterey, California... and the Adam's shine coming off the hood of my car was blinding bright... so here she is!


Taken at my favorite car show of the year, which was held during the Pirelli World Challenge last weekend. They let car show participants drive a couple of laps around the track in between races. 


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My old Holden Commodore SS Wagon (6L V8 and 6 speed manual) Same as the Chevrolet SS over there in the US 



We have some Australians here for an extended time with the military and one of them rented our 2014 Z51 Stingray Corvette with 3LT package for the next 14 months! He would love to actually purchase one...but said there were restrictions on what newer cars can be imported back...bummer for him.  Although, we did sell our 71 Chevelle to a different Australian and he took it back to Australia a couple of months ago hen he returned home.  So if you see a pretty Blue 71 Chevelle with white racing stripes (pictured below)...it was probably ours! 

NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY!!!  post-13904-0-79755400-1508556913.jpg


P.S. All the military Australians we have met are just wonderful!  What a great group of people.  Really need to make a trip out that way one day...


EDIT UPDATE:  Just received a message that the Chevelle arrived in Australia today!

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