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2011 Charger


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I'm mixed, but the back looks better than previous models.


I just can't see buying one until I know where they're headed... Not to mention the bail out debacle. I think they've finally got someone that knows interiors, working on theirs. The Jeep Grand and the new Durango LOOK good.

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I do like the way the new chargers look. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.


At least you can still purchase them! It's at the top of my list JUST because it's a 4 door Saloon with a V8 under the hood.



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I love the new front - the rear is going to have to grow on me. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an SRT-10 Challenger. We'll see how that goes.

For me I like the rear the best. Of course I like the whole thing end to end. I heard the SRT was due in 2012.

That looks nice!:burnout: But no match for the Challenger!:burnout:

Definitely not a Challenger by any means and Challengers rock! Folks often inaccurately compare the Charger to wrong competition. The Challenger to me is the competition for the Mustangs and Camaros..not the Charger. The Charger is a 4 door sedan competing with the Impala or Taurus. And if ya ask me it's ROCKIN' way better than any other sedan.


Everything is good but that back end.

I dig the back more..but that's just me. I like the tails starting to look almost Challenger like. I see on the front by the fogs they added some early impact detection sensors too..nice!

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I did! But if they came out with a street version like the original SRT-10 concept I'd be at the dealership in a heartbeat. That drag pack is pretty bad *** tho!


I think I still have a Hot Wheels car of that concept somewhere in my collectables closet. And yes, if that was out there, the wife wouldn't have been able to talk me out of a 2-door car. We would have had that in the driveway. :D

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