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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner results with pics



This topic is for anyone that is questioning if this stuff works and whether or not they should buy it.

I will keep this post updated with pics of different vehicles and the results. I have not found anything that works as well as this product. It has been my go-to product for almost a year now and the results still blow me away.

On top of how effective it is, another advantage to this product is that it does not create foam. Most detailers use an APC on carpets, which foams like crazy and requires a defoamer added to their extractor.




-Spray on C&UC

-Steam with carpet brush tool and agitate

















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Thanks everyone, I will try to continue updating this thread with pics. I've done some REALLY bad ones already this year. But, never take pics, I'm making a conscience effort to do so this year


Nice mat, Matt :jester:


I was waiting for someone to say this!! I should've known who would be first, haha


Nice Cell phone :jester:


I got a kick out of that thing too...Why he has it, I have no clue???


It was a '99 F-350 diesel dually with only 100,000. The engine blew and shot diesel, soot, and radiator fluid all along the side of the truck. I destroyed an entire 200 gram clay bar doing ONE SIDE of thish truck!

I need a replacement, hopefully daily special on this soon:xfingers:


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That stuff worked wonders. Spilled coke in the back. Sat there for 3months before I use the cleaner and now looks like it did when i drove it off the dealer lot. woot woot.

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