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Hello All!


Love the Adam's product and new to the forum! Told the wife she now has easy choices to buy me gifts for holidays and b-days. Current cars; 2007 Roush Mustang and 2010 Taurus.


Pics of the Roush are below and going to give the wifes car the Adam's treatment after the weather gets a little nicer. Let the obsession begin! :pc:

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Welcome,that's a nice mustang you got there! We just took delivery of our first mustang 2012 v6 premium this past saturday.


Very Nice 2012 you got there! I have been looking at those but wife would kill me if I got rid of the Roush. She loves the feel of it.


Hello and Welcome from Pennsylvania, I love the Roushstang.

I like the Adams plate also.

I went with the Shelbystang.






Ooo Black Shelby! Looks good and I love the pic with the big hound. Oh and the Adams plate is a graphic just to cover my plate. Hope Adam does not mind I lifted a graphic from his site. :o


{if the moderators object to other companies being mentioned on the board please remove the below section, not trying to offend}


I have a tip for states that require front plate if you want. There is a company that makes custom brackets for 1999-2012 Mustang body style that does not require drilling. It is quickly removeable for cleaning and car shows. Very inexpensive way to keep your front hole free. They are called Craig's Custom Brackets.




It is made in the USA (Chesapeake VA) and keeps you from damaging that front bumper. I bought one a while ago and it has held up very nice.

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