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Detailed: 2010 GMC Sierra

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Well Frid and I met up this morning and detailed his GMC Sierra. Truck was in actually great shape. But there is always room for improvement :pc:


Products Used: (all Adam's)


Foam Gun

Car Shampoo

Professional Pads

Great White Drying Towels (AMAZING!)

Two Bucket Method (with Grit Guard)

Detail Spray

Waterless Wash

Clay Bar (Actually in the shot it was a off brand of clay...sorry)

All Purpose Cleaner

Undercarriage Brush

Undercarriage Spray

Glass Cleaner

PC Accessory Kit

Double Soft Towels


PRO Tire Applicator

Brillant Glaze



I think that is it, may be more


Started out at 7:30am this morning. The truck was actually in really good shape to the naked eye. But under the sun you could see many little tiny water marks and some tiny micromarring from old car washes. I honestly couldn't snap a picture of these for the life of me so you'll have to just believe me.


Here is what I started with :rockon:




We started with the wheels and tires. All Purpose Cleaner on the tires and fender liners. Wheels were very clean just had bad water spots on them. They had just been washed at this point.


The we went with a rinse of the truck and then a foam down from the Adam's Foam Gun. Frid playing with his new toy :jester:




After washing it we sprayed the truck down with WW and then used the GWDT to dry it off. Then got the air compressor and hit all the little crevices to get all the water out. Door sills, Handles, Mirrors, Bumpers, Window Trim, and lugs. This is what was left after washing. You can see little bit of water spots/junk in the clear in this shot. But at the same time you can see how good of shape the paint was in. But there is always room for improvement


Then we clay barred the whole truck. The paint looked pretty good but it hadn't been clayed since it was painted. It had some bad rail dust on the hood and roof too.


Then the weather seal, in between the cab and ext cab. It was bird droppings. Some APC and a Q-Tip took care of it in no time. thumbup.gif



Well then came the polishing....the long process.

One pass of SHR and Orange pad. Then 2 passes of FMP with White Pad

(Matt doing work!)


The after results th_danana.gif


Two Drooling Idiots lol.gif


Out in the Sun



Then came the MSW and Gray Pad. Followed by Brillant Glaze and Americana. If you have a dark colored vehicle this gives you the pop/WOW factor eek.gif



Now on to the wheels/undercarriage

Undercarriage spray! Amazing stuff and smells just like Grape Soda drool.gif


Then we clayed the wheels with detail spray and applied a coat of Americana for protection :glasses:






THEN PHOTOSHOOT TIME. We were running out of light and this was the only spot that would be a decent place to snap pics.





My orangutan arms taking a reflection shot


We couldn't stop staring at the wheels. We had to have sunglasses on though they were so shiny! cool.gif


I'm by no means a professional Detailer or Photography for that matter. But Adam's made it easy for me. I will only be using their products from now on. Super easy to use. Step by step videos, incredible customer service and great overall company thumbup.gif



I had about 100 pics but I narrowed it down to the good ones


I think this was a good way to slowly start to kick off my Detailing business on the side (perhaps) What do y'all think? I can take it greengrin.png

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Yeah. We knocked it out pretty quickly. The Foam gun from GPC was definitely worth the money. It helps sooo much when washing. There are a few spots where you can see a few scratches in the sun, but just ordered the 4" pad kit for so I can take care of those. Thanks again Jeff, even though you jacked my GWDT xD

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Great job. Truck looks killer.

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Is this truck on GMtruckclub by any chance. As for the job it was downright amazing.


Not a member of that. Member of GMfullsize though.

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