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A Jeep Story.....


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Well friends, some of you are aware I had ordered a 2012 SRT-8 Jeep Cherokee a few months back. Well, it is almost here, and a week ago, I got the news about the delivery to our local Jeep dealership.


Also got the revised pricing, which was a bit, 'different' than I expected...it came in at just over $61K, plus tax, title, etc, making it a dang-near $70K vehicle.


That was a little surprising, especially after learning the expected 500+bhp SUV would really have 465bhp, and the new 8-speed trans would not be available in the first of the new body style SRT Jeeps...it would come on the 2013 model.


I stopped into the Jeep dealership last week, and just wanted to get confirmation on these details. Also, I wanted to confirm that the special purchase program/ letter through one of my good friends, a Chrysler employee of 25 years, was going to get the stellar discount on the SRT.


The confirmation was made, the delivery price would be over $61,000, and the special purchase options were not valid on SRT line up! Ouch..


We just grew out of our little building in Boulder, CO, and are needing to move to a new location. It looks like buying a building is the next step in the direction of our small company.


Just as I'm getting that news, I see a dual exhaust, (5.7L HEMI) black Cherokee with special wheels, just outside the window. I hop up from the desk, and walk out to see the dirty, fresh off-the truck from Detroit vehicle. Black interior, and a special 70th anniversary package give it black leather, NAV, unique wheels, and a panoramic sunroof.


No automatic rear gate, memory seat settings, leather dashboard, racing seats, or special track suspension on this guy. Just a 360bhp SUV, one that cost exactly $25K less after the special purchase option was extended.


Friends, I stand before you both humbled, and strangely, mature for making this decision. Seems I didn't need the extra 105bhp, racing seats, or any of the other jazz, as our little Jeep fit the entire family comfortably and safely for the ride to church this morning....


When Luca, our 3yr old jumped out of her car seat, dirty shoes and all, and walked between the seats and on both driver, and passenger seats before jumping into my arms, I pondered the cleaning that would be needed for the suede and nappa leather seats that the SRT would have had...


It's had the windows and sunroof tinted thus far, and dare I say, the other mods are not yet in the plan???


I had the chance to do the first wash, take off the plastic, etc, so this Jeep has zero swirls, and is now tucked nicely in the garage, clean as heck, awaiting its first detail when we get back from the shows in mid-September...



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Hey, very nice jeep! I love the new ones, oddly enough though, I wasn't as impressed with the new srt8, especially when I heard the price tag. I just sold my first gen srt8 jeep. In my opinion the new srt8 got watered down, and expensive! I think you made a good choice!

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WOW Adam... Could you have made a better decision? NOPE!!!!! I bet it was a painful decision though. Still the right one...


You're the man! You're still young, and there will be a power house in your future.


Right decision number 15,342 made, now on to the next... :lolsmack:


Beautiful truck! Now let's see it with a bit of a lift and some bigger tires! LOL



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Adam that Jeep is stunning in person!


I can't believe the quality of the interior inside that puppy WOWOWOWOW!


Best of all, it's a collector's vehicle. To me anyway, that's pretty cool! I was fortunate enough to ride in it, and having a little GC experience myself---this is the best model I have ridden in!


Best of luck with it, and when you tune it sir, let's race!



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Adam, I have a good good friend who works for MB and when they still were together with Chrysler I used his discount three times myself and my inlaws used him twice and my wifes uncle used him twice as well. I tried for three years to see if they would ever allow the discount for anything SRT's, and it never happened!:help::help:



Sweet ride my friend!!!!

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