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My 2007 TBSS: Full paint correction/detail -- PIC HEAVY!

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I picked up the SS just over a week ago, and relative to the GTO I traded it away for, the truck was very dirty, inside and out. Also, the paint was a little....rough, to put it gently. :)


I spent around 25 hours over 4 days from start to finish, and I'm pretty happy with the results.


As far as products used for the job, it was all Adam's, and I couldn't have done it without you guys!


The process I used and steps I followed:


-Cleaned under the hood with a 50/50 mix of Adam's All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

-Cleaned wheel wells/exhaust tip with the same 50/50 mix of Adam's APC

-Wash with Dawn to remove any old waxes (of which there was very little left)

-Adam's Clay Bar

-Another wash, this time with Adam's Car Shampoo


The hood was by far the worst area on the truck, so I spent some extra time on it, and also used it as my test panel to determine my course of action for the rest of the truck. I ended up doing 2 passes of Adam's Severe Swirl and Haze Remover (SSHR) with an orange pad (because I don't have any green pads...yet), followed by one pass of Adam's Swirl and Haze Remover (SHR) an orange pad. This process removed every swirl, minor scratch, and spider-webbing from the hood. There are a few deeper scratches that I'm going to attack when I get some green pads, but I fear that they may be too deep for my little PC to take care of.


Once I was happy with how the hood turned out, I continued onto the rest of the panels:


-Adam's SSHR w/ orange pad via Porter Cable (PC) 7424 DA Polisher

-Adam's SHR w/ orange pad via PC 7424 DA Polisher


This process removed virtually all of the swirling and minor scratching, just as it did on the hood, so I moved onto the polish/wax:


-Adam's Fine Machine Polish (FMP) w/ white pad via PC 7424 DA Polisher

-Adam's Americana Paste Wax applied by hand

-Adam's VRT (the old formula :) ) on the windshield cowling, window molding, under hood, and tires


This was, by FAR, the most labor intensive detail I've done on any vehicle, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. On to the pics!




Not bad from 10ft. away:




















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I taped the hood down the center to show my progress. Don't mind the fact that I didn't notice the camera was set to Black and White... :facepalm:


After 1 pass of SSHR:



After 2 passes of SSHR:



After 2 passes of SSHR and 1 pass of SHR, and after I figured the camera out:



This shows some of the minor "pitting" left in the hood. It can't be felt, and I clay-barred until my arm fell off. I think it's going to take some wet-sanding to get rid of it, which I'm not willing to do. I'll just live with it. Some of the specks in this shot are from the cheap camera lens, they aren't in the paint.





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Killer work bro!! I don't know how in the heck all u guys get these EPIC freaking clouds on the day of the photos, lol, for good reflection shots??! But that never works out for me!!!


Thanks! I plan my shots when the sky looks good, not the other way around lol. I think I made record time getting to this photo spot because I knew the clouds weren't going to last long. :burnout:

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Great job :rockon::rockon::rockon:



Grab a can of I&O spray for under the hood and it will look brand new :thumbsup:


I almost pulled the trigger on the daily special a few days ago, but I decided to wait. I'm paying Lynn and Mook a visit at the auburn auction this weekend to stock up and buy a few new products I've never tried. :)

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Great job! Huge improvement to what it looked like when you got it. You mentioned wetsanding those spots; I'm sure Junkman could give you guidance to get at those.


I've watched his wetsanding videos and I think it's something I could handle. However, I keep telling myself that this is a daily driver and not a weekend/fair weather toy like the GTO was. It's still hard not to be obsessive about how the paint looks though... :willy:

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