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Got something to store products



This weekend we were at my mother in laws garage sale and I saw these old school lockers and thought, man those would be cool to store my detailing things in!




So today I got some paint and primer and got to work. I all purposed and scrubbed it down, then sprayed it off with my new fire hose nozzle. Let it try, spray primered, and then sprayed satin black paint on it. I actually started with stainless steel paint, but it looked like crap! It looks great for a quick job, plus its old and is just gonna be in my garage. Let it dry and then slapped on my Adams stickers I was saving for just the right thing to put them on.





I was lucky it fit right between our garage doors!:banana:


I still need to make some more shelves for the other side to most likely store my microfibers and applicators and what nots. Thinking maybe a couple rods or something to hang towels on to dry maybe. Drawers would be cool, but I don't want to spend a ton of time on it, so if anyone has some easy ideas, let em fly!

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The "befores" on those lockers look better then the ones we currently have at school, and we are one of the richest school districts in Ohio. That being said, those pics make me want to buy a can of black spraypaint and go "fix" all of the lockers at school.

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Nice job!!! Are they in the right order?:lol::jester:


yes they are in order! haha


Thanks for the compliments everyone, I like it a lot. I bought some of those 3m wall hook hanger things to mount on the other locker on the top inside so I can hang towels and what nots to dry. I'll put those in after I make some more shelves.

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