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Detailed: Schwinn Trike

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I couldn't resist doing a writeup for this.


The subject is a couple year old Schwinn trike that Tanner has lost interest in/outgrown. His cousin Liam who comes over to the house pretty often loves to ride it though so its time we give it a new home. Because its been outside almost its whole life though I couldn't send it over in the condition it was in... mini-detail time! :banana:


BEFORE: Main problem was just rusting metal... but there was a fair amount of dirt and grime all over.










Started by prepping a mixture of APC and Car Wash to strip clean the entire bike. A boars hair wheel brush and trim & lug nut brush were used to agitate






Moved into the shade of the garage to avoid water spots and used the Metro Blaster Sidekick to knock all the water out of the cracks/crevices.




Even after cleaning the foot pads were a little grimy. Quick fix = Full strength APC and a utility towel to scrub them clean:






Next all the surfaces were clayed using Adam's Clay & Detail Spray as a lube



Followed up with a quick hand polishing with Revive Polish on a blue Hex Grip applicator




NOW... my weapons to take on the rusting spokes/fenders - Adam's Metal Polish #1, nutrile gloves, and 0000 steel wool. Residues would be removed using a couple Edgless Utility Towels.








Followed with a hand polishing using Metal Polish #2 and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!




Continued to polish the rest of the trike, including all the spokes, handle bars, and any other chrome trim that was looking dull and rusty.


Once everything was looking greatly improved I treated this little trike to a coat of Americana Paste Wax




A quick application of Super VRT to the seat, grips, and tires




AFTER: Not perfect, but vastly improved!






I'll have to hook Liam up with a single soft and 4oz Detail Spray to keep it up :D




And what Dylan writeup would be complete without the obligatory thumbs up reflection shot (patent pending) :jester:



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Okay Dylan, I'm bringing my one-owner 1969 Schwinn Varsity 10-speed for you to lavish attention upon on Saturday! Wow, did that little trike come out nicely!

Mine isn't in quite that good shape--it's a project for when I'm old... :lol:


No comments from the peanut gallery, PLEASE!

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