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I'm about to order the Flex kit to help get my 2 black 96 Impala SS's back in shape. The last 16 years have outdone to 20k miles on each, so it's time to fire the "professional detailer" and get back to doing it myself, the right way... (they've burned several pieces of trim and body moldings)


I hope I don't mess up trying to get some stubborn water spots/acid rain spots off these 2 cars!!!!



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Thanks everyone.


Jarrod, want one? lol. I've owned a total of 3 black '96 Impalas, and just can't seem to break this weird obsession with these big black cars.


I'll post up a pic of them when time allows. Gotta go earn some $ to pay for my first Adam's order. I'm almost positive I didn't order everything...

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