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Got my truck cleaned up and waxed


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Couldn't look any better!


I only concentrated on the outside today since its game day


2 bucket wash

clay(took a looong time as i had picked up some yellow overspray from somewhere:willy:)

prepped each panel with 50/50 IA and water

Brilliant glaze followed by Americana each panel






Now to kick back and hope my Auburn Tigers can pull off an upset!

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thanks for the compliments guys! I spent about 5 hrs on it today i wanted to do more like go over all the plastic trim with SVRT but i didn't have enough time and my arm was pretty tired from all of that rubbin! haha. I'm gonna try to work on the interior tommorrow. Its not really dirty, just needs wiping down.

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Thanks again for the compliments! Brilliant Glaze does something special to that blue for sure!



I'll be pulling for Alabama against LSU, because they way I see it the state of Alabama has dominated college football for two seasons and counting!


Thanks. We're (Bama) gonna need all the pulling for we can get.:lolsmack:

LSU is scary good this year.


You should swing by some time and let me see that blue oval in person.

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