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Newbie from CO


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Hello everyone -- my name is Bryan and I live in Colorado Springs, CO.


I heard of Adam's products a few years ago when I had my car professionally detailed, and have always been intrigued and interested in detailing.


I am an auto window tinter, as well as a clear bra paint protection film installer. I want to grow and add detailing to that list. It would be a great skill to have, especially in my line of work. Offer paint correction and restoration before installing clear bra, or even as an additional service all on its own.


Plus, it is also a hobby of mine, and any hobby that can also make you money sounds good to me! I use the Glass Cleaner, glass MF's, and double-soft MF's every day to leave the cars I tint with fresh, streak-free glass.


Here's a few cars I've tinted worthy of posting...


2011 Z06 Carbon Edition



Kitted up 'Maro



Tinted the taillights on this Infiniti with smoked vinyl.


(look at those swirls near the light!)


A very nice Evo X with complete Bride interior



(sadly, got too busy and didn't capture any after shots :( )


2011 GT500 Tint and Taillights





Nice Hugger Orange Z06



A favorite of mine, a NSX and a new Challenger SRT-8, at the same time!



I use LLumar window film, a lifetime metallized film that will never fade, turn purple, peel, bubble, etc. Lifetime nationwide warranty on all of our stuff.


Junkman's kit is calling my name come Christmas time :2thumbs:

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Welcome to the forums. There are plenty of us here in Colorado, and several of us are professional detailers. So check the forums if you have any question and feel free to ask in a thread. Next time there is a clinic in Boulder you should definitly attend.

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Thanks for all the comments and greetings, everyone. I'd love to attend a clinic in Boulder when there is one! Is there a schedule for the clinics or anything? I know there's a forum for them but I couldn't find a schedule or anything.


I have a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. The body is rough with a Maaco single-stage paint job, but it was the best shell I could find after patiently waiting 10 months looking for a chassis to put my powertrain into. Eventually I'll move on and get an Evo that will have *PERFECT* paint ;)


But, for now, this is my little red sh!tbox. 95% of the money spent is on the powertrain. AWD turbocharged, it ran 12.4 @ 113mph last time I was out. Keep in mind, that is at 5000' elevation! The goal is to click off an 11 sec. pass next season. Stock motor, stock turbo, on E-85, with nearly every bolt on possible.






In the process of tinting it:


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Welcome Bryan!

Good to see another member in our great state.

It's good to get the word out in our own state on what a great company we have here in Adams and it's right down the street!

Our car club has quite a few members in the Springs area.

Maybe we can talk group tint discount =p

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